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Selling top tips - our essential guide

We've been selling properties for a long time so have learnt a lot along the way. Our essential guide gives you our top tips from years of experience. Take a look through and if you have any more questions, feel free to contact one of the team - we would be happy to chat to you!

Accurate Valuation 

Overpricing your property is likely to hinder your chances of selling, as motivated buyers could be put off from viewing. To achieve the best price discuss the comparable evidence with your agent and agree an appropriate asking price.

Understand The Costs Involved

Make sure you are aware of all associated costs that you can incur when selling and buying a property. The basics are stamp duty, solicitor fees, estate agency fees, survey fees, removal company fees - a professional estate agent will be able to help with this and inform you on what are relevant to you.

Select The Right Agent

Work with an experienced estate agency who understands your needs and the local market. Consider their service standards, opening hours, when will they be able to conduct viewings; their high street presence and what kind of marketing your property will receive. These are critical to obtaining the maximum exposure and price for your property, remember like most things, cheapest are rarely the best.

Presenting Your Property For Sale

First impressions count, making the presentation of your property critical to a successful sale. Consider addressing any small DIY and de-clutter can really help. We are often asked by people on what to update for a sale so feel free to ask us to come and have a look.


We love pets as much as anybody, but don’t let smells put potential buyers off. Your agent can be an objective third party. If you aren’t sure, ask them for an honest opinion.

"Work with an experienced estate agency who understands your needs and the local market. Remember like most things, cheapest are rarely the best"

The Viewing Process

Leave the viewings to your estate agent, being present can be off putting for potential buyers. The things you consider important may not be relevant to your buyer. A good estate agent will know the buyers needs and sell your home in the best way.


Be aware that you could receive a variety of feedback about your property. Lack of feedback can be frustrating therefore prompt and constructive feedback should be a fundamental part of an estate agents service. Only when agents understand what buyers really think can they really deliver practical advice that can enhance the sale process. Be prepared to listen to the feedback and work with your agent on the comments received.

Agreeing A Sale

In order to make sure you get the best price for your property and are able to agree the sale, make sure you fully understand the buyers ability to proceed, affordability and timescales prior to accepting an offer. Your estate agent should be aware of any chains the buyers are in, their financial position and any other factors that may impact their ability to buy.

Selecting The Right Solicitor

Once you have accepted an offer, you need to choose a solicitor to act on your behalf. Choose the wrong one and it could add hundreds of pounds to your bill or even derail the whole process. Select a solicitor that understands the local area as well as the type of property you are dealing with.

Be Positive, Keep Momentum

If you have had a few viewings and no offers, your enthusiasm is likely to wane. Sellers love their home and when others don’t, it could be disheartening, remember it only takes one buyer.


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